Gate to Otherworld Quilt

Quilt for sale.


This vertical piece is about 14″ long and includes velvet, cotton ticking, cotton damask, organza, wool challis, and quilting cottons.

Hand stitched. One of a kind. A doorway into the other world, perhaps?

Price: $65, free shipping.

If you’re interested let me know and we can do paypal via email or I can post to my etsy store, clothcompany.

Gathering and missing

Made dinner for five friends last night, all of whom I met at the boys’ elementary school. We’ve served on committees together, been in overlapping books groups, supported campaigns, carpooled to music lessons, watched Super Bowls together, celebrated the kids’ and our birthdays, attended Bar Mitzvahs. You get the picture. With children aged 17 to 28, talk invariably ran to how our lives change as our offspring take off. It was good to articulate some of that, and to hear others’ experiences. There is so much commonality with this.

It seems that something shifts about one to one and half years in. We shall see.

Here is what missing my boys looks like this morning. Pix from their rooms.
IMG_5686 IMG_5687 IMG_5688 IMG_5690Off to the ‘Witch City’ (aka ‘Salem’), where it is Halloween all month long. Arg! I hope I will be able to find a place to park. One of my sister’s neighbors has taken to walking everywhere so as not to lose his spot. Wish me luck!

2010 - shopkeepers in Salem, MA

2010 – shopkeepers in Salem, MA


This self portrait from the 70’s is posted here as a submission for The Daily Post blog.  Theme of the week: REFRACTION. This is photograph of a photograph. The glare is reflected off of one of those awful plastic photo-album pages, making this a reflection of a reflection and not a refraction, but still.

Hancock, MA 1970's

Hancock, MA 1970’s



Overwhelm - dble exp: quilt and collage

Thanks to Christi over at Sweet Pea Path for turning me onto the DianaPhotoApp and to Art of Mob (on instagram)! And, for saying she DETESTS the ‘new flickr’.  I actually understated how much I have disliked the updates. They really kinda ruined the experience for me. For instance? I can no longer post directly to wordpress. Writing this simple post with photos from flickr is a nightmare.

The Nor’easter continues here with wind and rain. Nothing too drastic, but some branches down here and there and pools of water on the roads. Two maple branches blew into our yard from somebody else’s trees — I can’t quite figure out whose!