Poppy and Mindy

IMG_8873IMG_8898IMG_8868This may need an anchoring sleeve at bottom, but it is otherwise finished. I dyed the dragonfly sheer in the indigo vat two summers ago… the graphic slash-marked bottom fabric, too (though that first went through a bleaching). Many of the petal fabrics came from a wonderful packet sent to me by Sandy Meegan. This poppy is for her!
IMG_8870As for Mindy, just want to say that I find “The Mindy Project” hilarious. Really funny — especially for network television. Or maybe, to be fair — really funny, by any measure. Her fat jokes are funny; her race jokes are funny; her dating jokes get to be a little much, but still funny! I’m a fan.


traveling feet

Trip to SC was GREAT– food extraordinaire, gloriously good weather, friendly people at every turn, and history, history, history! More to come. Most of the interior shots are from the Charleston Museum. And yes, that is me wearing a crinoline skirt in the interactive section of the Textile Wing. The metal badge stamped “Free” was for former slaves to carry, I believe. Research required.IMG_2475IMG_2499 IMG_2514 IMG_2576 IMG_2611 manacle nacre star-close toilet-pins


Artist: John Westmark – he will get an entire post; Gibbes Museum of Art


Rose Manigault: an entire post coming

circles, feet, a form and paws (ah… )

More circles and feet…third-positionIMG_0596 IMG_0605 IMG_1425IMG_1522
august indigocircle of cabbageaugust quiltcoffee tintfeet with stripesometimes just the shoes…
IMG_1679or a shoe form…   holding footand the occasional paw… (ah… we miss our boy)
IMG_0621 IMG_1815Have a great week, all. I am off to Charleston, SC tomorrow — for Southern food, at least one plantation tour (but WHICH one?), to see the Slave Mart, the Angel Oak, the flowering shrubs, the riverways, and hopefully to drive to the place where they believe the Stono Slave Rebellion started.

A pewter sky and hope

IMG_7913Another snap of cold, waggling branches, and a pewter sky can mean only one thing: MORE SNOW!!! I can take it. Knowing temperatures will rise into the 50′s by week’s end really helps.
IMG_7930On Monday, in order to apply some machine-stitching on one of the Global Warming panels, I bundled up. The basement has been very cold this week.
IMG_7955Originally, part of the motivation to ‘white-wash’ the surface with quotes of climate change naysayers was speed. As much as I have re-engaged with these panels, I want them done. The cold kept me upstairs, however, and hours of hand quilting ensued.
IMG_7862 This was starting to have a paralyzing effect. Would I scrawl the machine-stitched words OVER the embroidery floss? Would I RUIN carefully applied textures?!
IMG_7933And then there was this recent discussion about Hope (a few posts back).  If I accept that it is incumbent upon us as moral and spiritual beings to find a way to HOPE, what was this stitching doing to me? Is it healthy to be spend so much time with the sentiments of people whose destructive idiocy makes my blood boil?!
IMG_7939So I really had to get down there and keep going.
IMG_7942Some new idea about pairing the bad shit with good stuff is forming… ideas as antidotes or something. What would happen if I scoured the internet for innovations or movers and shakers and reported about them in tandem with these gems from Fox News. Would that at least neutralize the blood-boiling effects of these nay-sayers?

cyber and fiber

IMG_7836By now, many of us know how real, satisfying, and long-lasting cyber-friendships can be. I have long stopped putting “friends” in quotes when referring to people I “know” online (I don’t put “know” in quotes either).
IMG_7854There is something natural and compelling about sending something three-dimensional and tactile to one of these friends. These wishbones are somewhere between here and Australia at the moment.

Morning light

20140324-080446.jpgA busy weekend and a happily quiet day ahead. Dinner with two friends last night. Conversation ranged from global warming, the NRA, flight 370, our children’s relationships to aging and hope. This from Doris: there is a moral imperative to cultivate and maintain hope — no matter what. This has me thinking. Especially as it was uttered by someone who has never shied away from the ugly truths (eg. she represented one of the Guantanamo detainees pro bono and one year attended an interfaith ceremony of healing at one of the death camps in Europe).

The morality of hope. The imperative of hope. Any thoughts?

Meanwhile, here are some pix of morning light from last week.


20140324-081123.jpg20140324-081140.jpg20140324-081211.jpgApologies for first reblogging this from an old blog (still figuring out how to do all of this from my phone). Decided to cancel out and redo.