New Growth (i)


Today it is supposed to stay in the 40’s and rain, but I will make a point of noticing the beautiful work of spring unfolding….

Mini-daffodils bloom near our crumbling front steps… I make a point of seeing the yellow trumpets!

This morning, the taxes are done, a big luncheon is over, and it is time to ‘get back to it’ in the studio… I have many things to finish and so, even though spring is so much about new growth, I vow to make this a week of finishing things that have already sprouted!  Such as:

  • Worm Moon (last week’s Journal Quilt)
  • Zero Tolerance (yesterday’s Journal Quilt)
  • Gingko Ground
  • Adam & Eve IV
  • Global Warming IV
  • a pin cushion…

And that’s not even getting to the layers of stuff in the IN PROGRESS PILE!

The cleaning, also, must continue.





What you see above is only about 1/3 of my stash… the black board is a piece of 1/2″ insulation covered with black felt, which is WONDERFUL to use as a pin board… but is HUGE, because it is part of my booth.

Goals —

  • to redesign booth for shows so that we don’t have to cart around 8′ x 4′ pin boards
  • to redesign booth so that I could erect the damn thing by myself
  • to cut existing 8′ booth-boards into easily-moved pin boards for studio
  • to hammer triangular wedges on existing shelves, where boards can live while holding works-in-progress
  • to get rid of more fabric
  • to organize my patterns better

Victory list —

  • threw out at least 3 laundry bins full of fabric
  • instituted a 3-ring binder for holding ideas that I print off of computer (this is BIG!!)
  • a new table for cutting grid and rotary blade — it is low (the right height) and just needs light, now
  • felt all in one place
  • several boxes labeled ‘Precious Bits’ — for those chips of fabric I adore and will actually use
  • Christmas fabric and images and transfers are now congregating in ‘their area’!
  • sold my first quilt on etsy!!  (more on that later in week)
  • convinced my guild to take my quilts into the May show even though I was a month late (more on that later, too)
  • finished Schedule C (who knew I was a fantasy writer?)
  • tomorrow will mark the completion of 14 days of ‘Awakening Prologue’ with Holosync… (more on that soon!)

2 thoughts on “New Growth (i)

  1. deemallon Post author

    Hi again!

    You are keeping me on track! Just finished this week’s journal quilt and have last week’s in the final stitch-phase as well… look for them tomorrow…

    Since you already work with fabric, and have kept visual journals, the leap to making journal quilts is not very far at all. I am finding it a great way to experiment and try new techniques, curved piecing, for example.

    It is tricky, for me, when a quilt that is meant to be a ‘sketch’ ends up taking more time because I decide to bind it… then suddenly, I am half way into the NEXT week… but this is more of a problem of conception, and not of practice, I think.

    I loved the post on your blog about cleaning out the fabric piles at your Mom’s and found some of the de-stashing links helpful — will hop over to your blog sometime soon!


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