Pin cushions for Etsy Shop


Have spent some time updating my etsy store, ClothCompany.  The two figures above can be pin cushions, or not.  The faces are historical renderings of Catharine of Aragon, transferred onto fabric.  The smaller figure wears a chenille shawl that I made in a class at the Button Box a while back (meaning — I made the chenille).  It feels a little weird to stick pins into a human figure, but I think without any bad intentions, there’s no possible harm (and in this case, it’s hard to be deader than dead).


I have discovered that a pin cushion without ballast is a pain in the ass.  That’s one reason I love tea cup pin cushions.  They don’t move around.  The other reason I love them is that they’re so pretty!


You might think a pin cushion this small is not very useful, but I have discovered otherwise!



For the cupcake pin cushions, I recycled and felted some sweaters from the thrift store.  This is a project that is easy enough to do with elementary-aged crafters.

All of the pin cushions shown here are available in my store, and I’ll be posting more, probably tomorrow!

Love to hear what you think!

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