Drama Queen


The Drama Queen comes out again.

This photo (of a doll that I made) is stitched to paper (that I made) and could go in a basket of low-priced items to sell on a craft table.

An earlier post about this is stored as a word file, perhaps never to be opened again.

Suffice it to say that MY Drama Queen is Irish and, when activated, is cruising for a fight!

I don’t think anybody in the SoulCollage® world would care that under this doll’s velvet cape was a skirt made from fabric, including a fabric transfer of a collage that later went on to become a SoulCollage card®.  This doll, this card made from a photo of a doll, is not a SoulCollage® card.  Period.

♥    ♥    ♥

It is not my intention to teach readers about SoulCollage®, but rather to simply share what is percolating in my studio, on my pages, and in my creative process.

To learn about this remarkable process, go to SoulCollage.com, where you can find out about Seena Frost, who developed SoulCollage®. Or, dive into the amazing work and teaching of Anne Marie Bennett on her website, KaleidoSoul.  Anne Marie’s passion for this work is evident on her site.  I am lucky enough to be studying with her next month!

2 thoughts on “Drama Queen

  1. Maggie

    This is a fascinating record of self-analysis as an artist. How does one sort out the collision of art with what-do-you-call-it (SoulCollage) SoulCollage is a copyrighted PROCESS, right? First of all, how do you copyright something like this? The product is something that someone creates from their “soul”. You can’t copyright the product can you? The process… the process is age old. It’s like copyrighting an apple pie recipe – isn’t it? I mean, sure, you can teach other people how to bake your apple pie recipe, and you can charge them for your time. You can charge them for the recipe. But you can’t charge them (or “own”) their pie – can you?
    In my humble and albeit uneducated opinion, I say there is no conflict. You are an artist. You own your work.

  2. deemallon Post author

    Thanks for your thoughts, Maggie. There are lots of trademarked processes (including on processes like certain breathing practices!!)… so, it’s not outlandish in THAT sense… but complicated for all the reasons stated above.

    It may mean that I build a deck and don’t call it a SoulCollage deck… it may mean that my images get revised and tweaked as they go from one medium to another, so that I’m not actually ‘reproducing’ any of my cards…

    Not sure. Will learn more in Oct. at a weekend workshop.


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