Thinking about bears and drawing

A fairy tale bear serves as means of transportation.

The thought of bears swimming, swimming, swimming, with no ice to get to, and drowning — arg.

I am noticing the BULK of these creatures — esp. their massive paws.  My drawings aren’t capturing that yet.  Above, a zoo bear from a photo found on google.

Last night I read Danny Gregory’s moving illustrated book, Everyday Matters, a Memoir.  He began drawing after his wife became disabled (fell onto the subway tracks in New York and was run over).  He began in order to notice what around him still gave him pleasure.  As a gratitude-practice.  He noticed that he hadn’t really noticed New York before, in spite of living there almost his entire life.

Anyway, among other things, he mentions that drawing from someone else’s photograph is not the same (i.e. derivative) as drawing from life.  I agree.  Perhaps I need to drive out to Worcester’s Ecotarium and watch some polar bears in motion.

By the way, if you want to look at some WONDERFUL polar bear photographs, check out this photographer’s flickr pix.   Fantastic!

Love to hear what you think!

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