Mosaic for July ’11

1. New Zealand / Farm / Landscape, 2. secret hideaway, 3. Tsunami Japan Appeal – 津波日本 – Earthquake – 地震 – Japanese Sea Wave, 4. dive, 5. arches–rome.jpg, 6. no rest for the rust of us…..b, 7. rust and peeling paint, 8. cases_typewriter_aqua_vintage_old_styled_man_ipad_case_speckcase-p176443080961134277vu9qn_1000, 9. circle #22 (detail), 10. Elemental Quilt WIP, 11. Simple Striped Pojagi Patchwork Cloth #2, 12. Milo trying the quilt top out for the comfort factor…, 13. Dialogue…, 14. 039, 15. Frog Dog, 16. time keeps us from falling apart

Note sure why this looks blurry.  Click on Mosaic for larger and crisper view.

2 thoughts on “Mosaic for July ’11

  1. deb g

    I have a “frog dog.” Always makes me laugh. Especially when most of her body is under the covers and just her legs are showing.


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