red plush, red foil

Red plush.  Is it a wound or a celebratory shout?  A place to investigate, or a place to avoid?  Soft, floral, with hard edges.

Red foil.  You are a secret.  A scrap of refuse.  A message of the ages.  A line of fire.  Emerging or disappearing?

Tripod inspired many sequences like the above, which I would love to animate.  Does anyone have a graphics package that does this easily, that they would recommend?

My photoshop elements 3.0 is happily sufficient for most things (I don’t want the updated version because I will have to re-learn things that are currently blissfully automatic!!!), but its quickest fade is one second.  Way too long.

Off to take one class, then back to teach Winter Session of Fiber Arts.  This ’round will be meeting here at the house instead of at the New Art Center.  I will not miss lugging stuff back and forth and back, again.  Today?  One stitcher has a new machine.  Another a landscape to continue.  We may break out the new pigma pens!

4 thoughts on “red plush, red foil

  1. deedeemallon Post author

    Cosmic, thanks for your comment, and for stopping by… I visited your blog on my phone, which I am trying to learn to use for more than a phone and a camera… it looks as though we have some things in common!


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