The air today

When the surround suggests a task, and schedule and light permit its doing, and the result is more air, more clear surface – there can only be pleasure.  I like to clean house when it feels like this!  (After vacuuming the windowsill, I scrubbed and scraped it clean – using one of  my best household cleaning tools – the bamboo skewer – and then switched out storm and screen).

Look who else are enjoying the air today?!!

Is it a tree or a small patch of moss?

One of the Plaster Boys had fallen through the cracks during January or February.  Now, they’re reunited.  A little more worn.  In today’s catalog, they look more interesting from the back than from the front.

Yesterday, I pieced the rectangle above, keeping to my experiment with ‘let sky be sky; let structure be structure’.  In the past, I have enjoyed mixing up what is interior, what is background, what is sky, what is building – all by interchanging fabrics.  The results have at times been what I want.  Other times, it’s been too much.  Right now, I like the idea of working with the usual expectations of in/out for awhile.

Class arrives shortly.  I am preparing bodies.  Sounds sordid, but it is not!

2 thoughts on “The air today

  1. Julie

    Crocuses (or is that “Corci”?? :-)) already–don’t you love those yummy colors? I really like that striated blue, beige and yellowy fabric on the top right–it says “sky” to me Julierose


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