6 thoughts on “Reframing

    1. deanna7trees

      i’m in Austin, Texas and we usually have very mild winters. fall gardens do better for me. the summer is so hot with 90-100 degrees everyday that everything just burns up quickly. i planted lettuce, radishes, spinach and peas. just salad stuff. haven’t done this kind of planting in years so we’ll see how it works out. the summer garden gave good peppers and cucumbers but they’re all gone now.

  1. deedeemallon Post author

    ah…. Texas explains such a late-season planting… I have somewhat started the fall clean up, even though temperatures continue to make me (and plants) wilt.

  2. saskia

    wow, the green is just So Green; the different plant motifs go really well together, I like that and I like the boldness of the cabbage-pattern together with the more subtle floral patterns, despite being brightly coloured themselves – I also like the tin can with the tomatoes: there is something delightfully honest in showing on the outside what’s on the inside without advertising nonsense(I’m trying to offer a more sophisticated comment, like you do, not just oh I like this, and no explanation)

  3. deedeemallon Post author

    Saskia – your comment is making me laugh. Do I offer sophisticated comments? Pretty hit or miss, I think. I hope we all feel free to simply say, “I like it”.

    I love Pastene cans, for some reason. They are slightly retro looking, I guess. Probably inspired by a friend who, in one apartment, built a pyramid of them (probably about twenty cans) on her mantel. I use them, obviously, for pencils, chopsticks, brushes, sticks, etc.


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