Heart rash and quiche

A red patch of itch over my heart. Don’t want to ponder its meaning. Just like I didn’t want to think too hard last week about the significance of leaving my power cord at the library.

There’s this: I went to Salem yesterday and it was disheartening for all the usual (mind bending heart rending) reasons. And this: a writer friend sent me an article about self-publishing that harshly critiqued the unreasonable expectations of first time authors and outlined why self-publishing was probably the more likely path to success and then ticked off the fifty things one needed to do to be successful at self-promotion (and I thought selling quilts was awful!). That kept me awake a good extra hour and a half last night.

And it’s still really really hot. We have AC but the body still sweats and suffers walking Finn taking out the garbage running errands. I plan to write swim write today. Maybe Walden Pond for a change? After getting back from China late Saturday night, K is taking the week off.

I’ll leave you with a photo of the quiche I made last night. Hadn’t made one in ages. Oh the steps! The mixing chilling rolling chilling baking one way then another. And that’s just the crust! It was 7:30 before we finally ate. With a filling of egg, carmelized onions with thyme from the garden plus a little bit of Swiss, it was worth both the wait and the gluten cheat.

11 thoughts on “Heart rash and quiche

  1. Liz A

    Oh, the tomatoes on the window sill. What I wouldn’t give for an east coast tomato!

    As for the rash … hope it isn’t a bull’s eye, but if it is please check for Lyme Disease.

    1. deemallon Post author

      thanks for the Lyme reminder, Liz… I get ringworm in the hot months — something that goes with a thyroid condition I’ve learned… It usually goes away with a few treatments of Selsen Blue, but I used a different kind this weekend and maybe overdid it. I think that’s what aggravated the skin (I’m hoping). It sure doesn’t feel good in the heat!

      I don’t know there was such a thing as an ‘east coast tomato’!

      1. Liz A

        Well, they may grow tomatoes in Texas, but the heat makes it near impossible to grow the larger varities like the beefsteak tomatoes we used to get in Virginia and New York. So, “east coast tomatoes” … because as much as I love it here, a little bit of homesickness creeps in every so often.

  2. Nancy

    Oh Dee…take good care of your heart. My heart knows this discomfort. We don’t have the humidity, but oy the heat! My friend posted 113 yesterday and a long week of heat ahead. Stay cool my friend. xoNancy

    1. deemallon Post author

      Hi Nancy — thank you. I know you know and it helps to know that you understand… a dip in the pond will be grand in a little while (PS I read your recent posts over the weekend — will be back to comment — it’s so nice to see you on the ‘interwebs’ again!)

  3. ravenandsparrow

    Whew…your post makes me feel like I am melting. Discouraged, dispirited feelings are heightened by sweat, don’t you think? Can you really visit Walden Pond? What a beacon of repose, both spiritual and physical. Go at once.

  4. maggros

    Sounds absolutely dreadful except for the quiche (yum). A sweaty rash! uch. An air kiss to your heart! Most of our neighbors have dogs and usually I’m jealous, but not in this heat and humidity. The dogs are looking as miserable as the humans. Our tomatoes are coming in OH the best food on earth IMHO. Though we have Asian Tiger mosuitos – do you? they are evil meanies, and thank goodness no reports of Zika here yet. We bath ourselves in Cutter’s and then dash out to pick as many tomatoes as we can before the birds get them… it is my favorite month for food (peaches, melons, tomatoes, herbs, squash, corn, nasturtium and lilies). May the swelter skelter soon!

    1. deemallon Post author

      The rash is helped by antibiotic cream. And yeah tho Finn normally has bottomless energy even he wilts in the heat (5 races for the ball and collapsing under a tree instead of 20 and wanting more). We don’t have those mosquitos. In fact mosquitos have been weirdly absent this year. I saw a bunch of bats the other evening. Perhaps they are helping? We are enjoying tomatoes corn nectarines cherries and local greens. Just got the most beautiful watercress. Can’t wait to have. With goat cheese, I think!


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