Tuesday in 2019

A blissfully quiet day. The predicted storm turned out to be a dusting and no more. Finn is out with Handsome Dog Walker. Coffee is in the larder after an early morning grocery run. My sister will see a new PT today. Mike.

K is thankfully not scheduled to fly anywhere anytime soon. “WTF?” is all I’ll say to the shutdown and to the networks who seem to have unanimously decided to air the gasbag’s gaslighting this evening.

I am making revisions to the text, rereading journal entries from when C was a baby, and writing new scenes for the novel.

A pile of ironing awaits. Couldn’t stay awake for Maddow last night, so I’ll watch her as I press.

Chicken stock cooling on the stove. The whole downstairs smells of its savory goodness.

13 thoughts on “Tuesday in 2019

  1. Marti

    Savory smells here too, making turkey soup with lots of spicy chiles…stitching on a little cloth for new year, titled Earth Song since it has dappled green leaf imprints from our Chinese pistache trees combined with some earthy browns from walnut, pecan and grapevine dyed bits and pieces…too cold to put hands in dirt so I symbolically do it this way and in so doing, weave a grounded benediction around me given what will come over later on the airwaves but I will not be watching neither the gasbag nor the Pelosi/Schummer immediate rebuttal destined to surely deflate the gasbag.

    Instead I will be careening and carousing with my beloved dearly departed Two Fat Ladies; watching their food videos on my laptop..would rather be stricken with “gout” from the copious amounts of fat and butter in their recipes than succumb to a grievous injury as I hurl myself at the TV in a fit of righteous anger!!!!!!!!…

    1. deemallon Post author

      This is yet another choice comment, Marti. I envy you those chili peppers – what a nice addition to a fowl broth! And the cloth sounds beautiful. The idea of a “grounded benediction” lovely.

      1. Marti

        Two wonderful “larger than life”, in every sense of the word, English cooks who rode around the countryside and traveled to different places in a motorcycle complete with attached riders seat. Jennifer Patterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright (a former barrister) were on PBS and many of their videos are found on Youtube. Here is a link to an article in Saveur about these terrific women:

  2. ravenandsparrow

    Thank you for the calm and homey description of your plans for the day. They are very soothing as the projected bullshit of this evening’s presidential address rumbles around my head. I won’t be watching because even his voice makes my toes curl, but I did want to share an image from James Fallows of the Atlantic. One of his suggestions for countering the inevitable waterfall of lies this evening was to imitate Mystery Science Theater, which has three robot heads silhouetted against an horrendous movie from the sixties, making snide and often hilarious remarks as the crappy dialog unfolds. The idea of someone making fun of Trump in real time like that had me laughing out loud. I wish.

    1. deemallon Post author

      What a precious image that is! Almost everyone I follow on twitter strenuously recommended airing him on delay with almost real time lie identification. Isn’t it pathetic that we have to anticipate an onslaught of lies? I don’t think having a democratic rebuttal is enough. Better than not, but not enough.

      1. ravenandsparrow

        No, not enough. It pretends like we are dealing with a regular difference of opinion, not an avalanche of falsehood and fear-mongering.

        1. deemallon Post author

          The AP headline this morning took the cake for “both siding” the matter, did you see it? Basically saying : it takes two to tango and Dems share in the shutdown.

  3. Michelle Skater

    “gasbag’s gaslighting” – PERFECT DESCRIPTION. Astounding references to crisis of the heart and soul from a man who has access to neither. I listened to NPR analysis and then turned away.

    1. deemallon Post author

      FAKE EMPATHY. you’re right about that. I watched. I’ll admit it. And the Dem follow up. Also: Crooked Media’s “okay stop” game of the speech.

      At least he didn’t exercise so-called national emergency power?


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