Congrats to the non-graduate

Congratulations to my son who dropped out of college.


Congrats for surviving your adolescence — avoiding both addiction and suicide.

Congrats for not getting arrested (there was that hearing that one time, but it wasn’t even evidentiary).

Congrats for (eventually) dealing with depression and anxiety head on.

Congrats for being a loyal friend and (by all appearances) a really great boyfriend.
(Congrats on the girl friend, too).

What was it that specialist said? “You can teach a kid to read, but you can’t teach them to make friends”.

Congrats for discovering the pleasure of reading at age 22.

Congrats for hanging on to your curiosity in spite of an academic experience seemingly designed to crush you.

Congrats for taking good care of yourself with balanced meals, sleep, smoothies, and work outs. Congrats for accepting that meds are part of your self-care.

Congrats for knowing how to throw an outfit together and look like a million bucks (something I never got the hang of).

Congrats for exploring your neighborhood — which in your case includes the Rocky Mountains and requires some athleticism and courage.

Congratulations for not giving up.

Congratulations for being the kind of kid that sends a thoughtful card to his mother on her birthday and sends flowers on Mother’s Day.

Congrats for harboring a soft spot for animals, especially dogs.

Congrats for converting the long-standing use of negativity and failure to get attention into the habits of health and small successes.

Congrats for registering to vote and planning to vote blue straight down the ticket.

Congrats for wanting to help others.

Congrats for holding your head up while your friends graduate and move away.

Congratulations for becoming the kind of man I am proud to call my son.

And also, congratulations to all the graduates I know! And congratulations to their parents.


Time out from writing today to make a quick trip into Boston to protest the inhumane treatment of families at the border and elsewhere.

My sign wasn’t quite in keeping with the crowd’s.

One of these protests, I’ll get it right.

Many passionate pleas, including this young man who kept asking if our governor, Charlie Baker, could hear us.

And this young woman told a harrowing piece of personal history — about how her grandmother saved more than 100 Jews and also shot a Dutch collaborator in her living room.

Not love

The sight of his fingers and neck repulse me. His sniffing makes my skin crawl. I mostly don’t listen to him speak but when I do I cannot believe how moronic and shallow and disturbed he is. He sounds (and is) impaired.

Did any of you watch his propaganda movie trailer about peace with North Korea? There are no words.

Between the embarrassing G7 and the worrisome Summit with North Korea, there’s hardly outrage left for caged children, a NeoNazi on the Republican ballot in Virginia, the way the assault on reproductive rights is gaining momentum, concerns about GOP disenfranchisement efforts, and Russia’s continued election interference.

The Canadian Parliament unanimously condemned our president with hours of Trump’s departure – highlighting in the most painful way possible the cowardly silence of the Republican Party.

Throw us a bone, courts, and revoke Manafort’s bail on Friday. Please! Something!

A beautiful

A beautiful place to write. Coming inside now though to get out of the glare.

Neighbor’s yard. Even my peonies bloomed this year! After a many year hiatus.

A South Shore walk with my sister in law on Sunday brought vistas like these.

And this one, which makes me laugh. Our garage is pretty comparable.

June flourish

We planted a new bush out front — a Sweet Bay Magnolia– to block a fairly recently denuded corner.

And look how this new Arbor Vitae nearly completely screens out the neighbor’s car! This is the view out our living room windows, so it matters.

I succumbed to an ad inserted in my Instagram feed. Yikes! What’ll happen next? But look at the sweet solar powered bird bath bubbler I got for under $15. After just a little sun, it shoots up a five or six inch spray.

So many plants thriving, I’ll try not to get too hung up on the climbing hydrangea that died this year (another victim of the black walnut?). Out back, we splurged and planted some decent-sized birches and a lovely large pine. They’re all beautiful and functional as screening and, as it turns out, economical because I no longer feel any urgency about replacing our fence.

Ciao! Off to watch the Belmont Stakes.

Summer sky

Look at that blue! They’re predicting temps in the 80’s for today and — hallelujah — we had the heat on two nights ago.

Finn and I took the long route this morning. I was listening to “Charm City” — a five part podcast about Baltimore policing on The Daily — and Finn was alive with Dog awareness. He didn’t bark at a single other dog. Perhaps the new jerky treats played a role?